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5 things to do at the gym

Other than the treadmill!

We’ve all been there: You go to the gym and are ready for a sweat session when you see the treadmills are all taken or just a little crowded for your liking (lets be honest running next to a stranger can feel a little awkward sometimes). You’ve got two options, pack a sad and go home or do the biggest sweat session you’ve ever done and prove you don’t need that damn treadmill.

Even though the treadmill is a good form of improving your cardiovascular fitness it’s not the do all end all. There are so many other options we don’t even think about. Time to get creative with your workouts ladies! But if you’re struggling with ideas to get you started, we’ve got a list of a few ideas to get you started.

The Elliptical:
The treadmills lame cousin actually revs up your pulse more than a treadmill does according to a one study and that users felt like there legs were more tired after using the elliptical than on a treadmill! Another bonus to this machine is that you can work out your entire body all in one thirty minute session because you can work your upper and lower body all while getting that cardio in.

HIT Training: 
Yeah this can feel like hell and a massive battle to get through but boy do you feel tough afterwards. HIT Training is High Intensity Interval training that combines aerobic and strength exercises with short thirty second to minute breaks in between that leaves your body feeling like absolute Jelly at the end. The trick to really getting the Hit of HIT is that is making sure you only take little breaks other wise it defeats the purpose of the challenge of the workout. So if you are in a girl boss mode then this workout will defs be the one making you feel empowered by the end!

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Skipping ropes:
Yes skipping ropes are 100% relevant even when you aren’t in year three! These bad boys are a great stepping stone for people who are first timers to the workout world or if you’ve just had lengthy break and need to ease yourself back into it (don’t worry we’ve all been there). For starters try five to ten minutes or longer if you’re up to the test.

Plyometric exercises:
You may be like Plywhat? But trust me when I say a session of these exercises will give you a killing whole body workout that gets that heart rate right up. Jump squats, knee ups and high knees may be some familiar ones. Pump out a as many of these with no to few rests in between and you won’t even remember the treadmill!

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Rowing Machine:
The most underrated machine (in my opinion). It may look confusing but girl this guy gives you a killer workout that isn’t mind numbing like other machines. According to some experts working on this machine can target eight four percent of your muscles. No brainer to use this one now right? Another bonus is it’s all about the power you’re doing it at, not the speed.