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Apparently "Nap Bars" are now a thing


One small problem is that they're in Spain...

We'll all admit that most days, we don't get enough sleep. And nothing sounds more enticing than a quick, midday snooze.

Whether you're snoozing in the office or battling to get up for that early gym session, most of us will admit a mid afternoon nana nap would be quite a nice work day luxury. If you’re in Spain, however, there’s no need doze off in the office. Just hit up an actual nap bar.

Siesta & Go in Madrid is essentially a spot for sleepy people to rent beds or rooms by the minute, so they can unwind before returning to the day (or office) refreshed and energized. And while it may seem like a novel idea, the concept’s already taken off in Brussels, London, and Tokyo. 

Though sleep is the main draw bringing shut eye-craving pedestrians into the place, the bar also offers quiet workspaces and comfortable armchairs for just over $2 USD per hour (perfect time to catch up on one of your favorite magazines, I've been loving the most recent miss FQ issue). 

Now with all this dreaming of escaping in a mid afternoon snooze, we'll be having to wait a bit longer until the concept makes its way to Christchurch.