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Bromances: Harmless or Dangerous?

We've all heard the phrase ' don't dog the boys'

We’ve all felt a little paranoid from time to time about your man ditching you so he doesn’t “dog the boys?”

Usually you tell yourself it’s nothing and that he just needs a bit of boy time right? Well academic say that bromances are threatening relationships more than ever.

According to researchers at the University of Winchester male friendships have grown more in recent years due to men no longer being scared of showing affection towards each other and feel more comfortable sharing their emotional issues and secrets with their mates than their girlfriends. So what can you get from a relationship that you can’t from a bromance?

According to this research there is no difference apart from sex and with the ease of guys now being able to have casual sex with women, there’s nothing enticing about a male and female relationship. What do we reckon ladies? Is it time to ramp up the girl squad?