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Good Man Gives FREE Haircuts To Homeless

Embr Mornings With Jess & Lori

Every Friday Jess & Lori set your weekend to start off on the right foot with a good news story from somewhere in the world! 

Today's story comes all the way from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about the  barber Brennon Jones. 

He has made quite the name for himself, dealing with clients that wouldn't usually enjoy the luxury that we probably take for granted all the time. 

Brennon gives haircuts to the homeless and its not just a phase because he has been at it for a quite a while! 

He knows how little these people have and how hard life is for them so he does what he can to make a different in each person's life. He even goes further than just haircuts, also providing them with some food, clothing, and toiletries and he doesn't charge a cent!  

"Brennon describes it as a makeover for the inside and outside, giving each homeless person a new look and newfound confidence"

All this good wok didn't go unnoticed though! Sean Johnson found out about what Brennon was up to and wanted to help. Sean was already planning to expand his own barber shop but instead decided to open up a completely new one and just hand Brennon the keys. Brennon was worried about how he would be able to continue through the winter and Sean had the means and the will to help.

The newly opened barbershop will have selected days exclusively for all the homeless customers that he has such a positive impact on! 


Check out the news story below!