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Ridiculous new fitness craze- morning raves

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Would you swap your morning gym session for a rave?

Are you one of those people who classes themselves as “not a morning person” or you don’t think you properly feel awake until the afternoon after a morning at work?

Well Auckland’s newest fitness craze is held at Whammy Bar in Auckland in the early hours of the morning. No, I’m not talking about the still intoxicated club goers still clubbing right through till 6.30 am. I’m talking about the growing people attending classes at Auckland’s’ newest early morning fitness club, a morning rave.

Refreshments are provided in the form of caffeine, coconut water and an array of fruits but prepare to be a tad confused, its disorientating walking into a packed bar that smells like a Starbucks. 

The organizers admitted it was already a popular idea overseas, with a small group starting initially but now a larger amount joining the party each week.

So whether you’re an early riser, or someone who struggles to get up and function in the morning. This new fitness regime may be the perfect thing to get you up and out of bed and kick-starting you into a great day’s work. 

Although this type of gym class isn’t on offer in any Christchurch bars yet, watch this space.